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Frequently asked questions:

What is the instrumentation of Art Deco and His Society Orchestra?
The Art Deco Orchestra is a self-contained group consisting of vocals, violin, alto sax,tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and female vocals.
What is the instrumentation of RockCandy?
RockCandy consists of piano/vocals, saxophone, trumpet, drums,bass, guitar/vocals, and female vocals.
When should the music start?
For any event, the music should begin playing when the first guest arrives.
How can I be sure the orchestra plays the songs I want?
We offer a complete list from which you can choose your favorite titles.If you have a special request, Art Deco will do its best to accommodate you.
What will the orchestra wear?
The orchestra will wear black tails or tux jackets. If you have a special theme,the orchestra can accommodate costume ideas discussed prior to the event.
What sound equipment will the orchestra require?
We bring everything. Nothing is required of the client.
What are the electrical requirements for the orchestra?
The Art Deco Orchestra or RockCandy will require at least four 20-amp dedicated outlets for the sound system and backline. All other services, such as cooking and lighting, should be designated to a separate circuit.
When and how will the orchestra set up?
Your choice of Art Deco ensemble will arrive 1 hour prior to your event.
How do we book the orchestra or band?
Contact Karen Hudecek at 818.508.8054 or send us a message.
How far will the orchestra travel?
We will travel to any location to perform. The Art Deco Orchestra has performed all over the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.
How do I pay for Art Deco’s services?
Upon signing a contract, a 50% deposit is due.The balance has to be paid two weeks prior to the event.